Dear Homies,

This week's Time Out had a fabulous article about ye olde MAGIC GARDEN (p. 39, the White Stripes on the cover) written by MAGIC GARDEN's very own Laura Modigliani (Bronx Science 90). It didn't divulge any secrets about the date or location, but lots of people have contacted me to get on the list. That means lots of new bodies to ogle. Hey, check out the new web site at www.nycmagicgarden.com. That's where all the gig/exhibit/business listings are now - they will no longer be listed on the invites. I can add all sorts of cool stuff to the site, so now is your big chance to send me job/business/apartment listings, ferrets for adoption, services rendered, events. Check to see if you are listed in the links section. If you're not and would like to be, shoot me an email. Give me a couple days to post the info.

And we are back on track with dirt ass cheap drinks - NYC's Rheingold bottles at $2 a pop, and the MAGIC GARDEN signature drinks - Ghetto Blaster and Staten Island Fairy - $2 shots, $4 drinks. These prices are as good as Crazy Eddies'. And of course, DJ Sly will be spinning the finest tunes in town.

And now a little about Subway Vigilante Bernard Goetz. That insanity was almost 20 years ago - December 22, 1984. And what's Bernie up to lately? Last month, he tried to get NY State's prison chief to offer vegetarian meal plans to inmates, claiming it would decrease violence. Very interesting. Bernie also ran for NYC mayor in 2001.

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