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The MAGIC GARDEN was founded in 2001 by Zoe Schneider. Zoë grew up in midtown Manhattan's Tudor City with her older siblings (Alice, Alma, Andrew, Katy, Peggy, and Maria) and dog (Smudge). Her mother grew up in Queens, and her father grew up in the Bronx. She attended P.S. 59, J.H.S. 104, and LaGuardia High School, class of 1989. She was a Central Park Ranger in the early 90s. She makes funky NYC inspired baby and kids clothes. Her favorite bagels are from Ess-a-bagel.
Zoe Schneider in Tudor City 1976
Zoe in Tudor City, 1976
Please email me if you want me to post your job listings, performances/exhibits, apartments to rent/sublet/sell, NYC lore, juicy gossip.

Hey, do you have a business and would you like to give discounts to other native New Yorkers? I know you do. Free drink, 20% off, etc. Email me about it.

If you own a bar and would like to "host" a MAGIC GARDEN party, please email me.

If you have a suggestion for a password (word, phrase, slogan from old timey NYC), please email me (see passwords page to get an idea.)



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