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The site is being revamped/under construction so pardon our appearance at the moment! Some of the links might not work, so don't take it personally. Stay tuned for a new and improved NYC Magic Garden -- woo hoo!


The MAGIC GARDEN is the only party exclusively for native New Yorkers - people who were raised in NEW YORK CITY (the five boroughs). As you know, we are a rare and dying breed.

You control who comes to this party. You are encouraged to invite childhood friends and other cool folks who grew up in the city. Significant others are invited, despite their place of birth (only if they're really and truly significant).

Special attention will be given to those born in a NYC hospital - or better yet, a taxi, bus or subway. The party is held monthly at a bar owned by a native New Yorker.

You must use the password to gain entry. The password will change each month. To receive the password and to be added to the email list, answer the questionnaire on the can i come? page.

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And see some tips from the natives about how to pass for a native New Yorker.

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