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Invite for April 2006 MAGIC Party
(for those who don't remember this commercial, you may
substitute the password with "Stella D'Oro")

Hello! Spring is a comin'. What a glorious day - perfect for noshing on some Stella D'Oro baked goods. This was a favorite commercial of mine, with the unhappy couple sitting in the kitchen, the wife snacking in the middle of the night on her breakfast treats. Stella D'Oro began as a bakery on Bailey Avenue in the Bronx in 1930, owned by Italian immigrants Joseph Kresevich and his wife Angela. They sold authentic breadsticks, egg biscuits and anisette toast cookies, and became immensely popular in NYC's Italian neighborhoods. In 1947, the headquarters and a new factory opened on 237th Street in Kingsbridge. In the 1950s Stella D'Oro became one of the country's most prominent bakers. In the 1990s its breadsticks were the most popular in the U.S., and in 2005 its annual revenues reached $30 million. In 2003, Stella D'Oro, which is a very popular brand among observant Jews, considered adding milk to its recipes but decided against it when they discovered that baked goods labeled "dairy" were not selling in Orthodox neighborhoods. Oy. Who knew?

Da beautiful Bronx. Childhood home of my pops. Home of the Yankees (I won't discuss the new stadium - at least not today). Borough of the fabulous movie we will be screening on Monday - "The Taking of Pelham 123." This is a flick not to be missed. For reals, yo. Note, "The Taking of Pelham 123" is not about the 1/2/3 subway line, but rather 1:23(pm) was the scheduled departure time for this 6 train from the Pelham Station in the Bronx.

Back by popular demand is another quiz (and hopefully not as difficult as the March quiz). I truly am sorry that so many of you failed last month's inaugural test - so in case you were feeling dumb, and unworthy of native status, you're not alone. The highest score reported was an 8 of 12 (congratulations to Leigh W. from LaGuardia, and fellow Bronx lover - we rode the Tour de Bronx together). Before taking the quiz, heads up for this year's Great Saunter, the awesome 32 mile walk along the perimeter of Manhattan, which will be Saturday, May 6. Great luck! (answers are posted at: - at the bottom of the page):


  1. Which now defunct discount department store opened in 1928 at 3rd Avenue and 152nd Street, then opened a branch on Fordham Road in 1938 that made more money per square foot than other department store in the nation, then moved its main store to 59th and Lexington in 1963?
  2. Prior to being officially named "The Yankees" in 1913, what was the team's official name? a) New York Highlanders b) Bronx Ballbusters c) Eastern Eagles d) New York Pinstripes
  3. The Yankees bought Babe Ruth's contract from the Red Sox for $125,000 in what year? a) 1913 b) 1920 c) 1947 d) 1966
  4. Edgar Allen Poe spent the last years of his life in the Bronx (1846-1849). Which of the following was not written by Edgar Allen Poe? a) The Fall of the House of Usher b) The Raven c) The Tao of Poe d) The Bells
  5. Which is the only NYC borough without a "Botanic Garden"?
  6. Which is not a neighborhood in the Bronx? a) Tremont b) College Point c) Mott Haven 4) Spuyten Duyvil
  7. Which Bronx park is home to the nation's first public golf course? a) Van Cortlandt Park b) Fort Tryon c) Wave Hill d) Crotona Park
  8. In the 1981 movie "Fort Apache, The Bronx," Fort Apache is the name of a) an Indian trail b) a donut shop c) a gang's turf d) a police precint
  9. Fill in the blank - The songs "Teenager in Love" and "I Wonder Why" were recorded by this Bronx band, named after an avenue in the Bronx:
    ___________ and the Belmonts.
  10. At a size of 2764 acres, Pelham Bay Park is how many times the size of Central Park? a) 3 b) 6 c) 9 d) 12
  11. Extra Credit: Who is the current Bronx Borough President?
  12. Extra Extra Credit: What is my favorite Stella D'Oro product?
  13. Extra Extra Extra Credit: After a wild NYC Park Rangers party in 1990, in what Bronx beach did I (and others) go evening skinny dipping?

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