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Invite for April 2007 Party

PASSWORD: "Cohen's Fashion Optical. Where Else?"

Yes, we're doing MAGIC GARDEN on Passover, but I don't want anyone sending locusts or plagues my way. We’ll be doing the new dance that’s sweeping the Jewish nation – “The Lamb Shank.” And we'll have special cocktails like the “How’m I Doin' Daiquiri" and the “Sloe Gin Goetz.” If you're going to a seder, I guarantee you'll need a drink afterwards, unless what, you think you're better than everybody else? We'll be screening "Sleeper" by king Jew himself, Woody Allen.

And now a quiz to honor famous Jewish New Yorkers (answers posted here).

  1. What 60-something Brooklyn born singer is often referred to as the "Jewish Elvis"?
  2. Carole King, born Carol Klein in Brooklyn, penned hundreds of famous songs, including “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday,” recorded by what 60s super group with their own tv show?
  3. Barbra Streisand’s song “Guilty” sold over 20 million units. This song was a collaboration with what fabulous singer?
    a) Barry Gibb b) Kenny Rogers c) Barry Manilow d) Bono
  4. Who was the first Jewish Mayor of NYC, serving from 1974-77?
  5. Barry Manilow was born Barry Pinkus in Brooklyn, and may possibly be the 8th wonder of the world. In the song “Copacabana,” the “Copa” is the hottest spot north of where?
  6. Bronx born Jerry Orbach played Billy Flynn in the mid-70s Broadway run of what musical?
    a) "A Chorus Line" b) "Chicago" c) "Oh Calcutta" d) "Hair"
  7. Queens born Fran Drescher plays the character Bobbi Fleckman in what 1983 Rob Reiner movie?
  8. Harlem born Sammy Davis Jr. was a member of Hollywood’s “The Rat Pack,” which included all of the following except whom?
    a) Frank Sinatra b) Dean Martin c) Jerry Lewis d) Joey Bishop
  9. NYC born Carly Simon won the 1988 Academy Award for best song for “Let the River Run,” for what movie about a Staten Islander who moves up the corporate ladder?
  10. A December 2005 "Saturday Night Live" skit featured a cartoon with the song “Christmastime for the Jews,” sung by what Phil Spector produced singer?
    a) Darlene Love b) Lesley Gore c) Lisa Loeb d) Dame Edna
  11. Extra Credit:
    Bea Arthur, born Bernice Frankel in NYC, played Dorothy on the “Golden Girls” – name the other 3 characters.

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