What happened to those fantastic low budget commercials? GOYA Foods was founded by two Spanish immigrants in 1936 and began as a storefront on Duane Street in lower Manhattan. Initially serving as an importer of Spanish olives, olive oil and canned sardines to bodegas throughout the city, it quickly expanded and currently offers over 1200 products. Oh boya! GOYA is also the first Hispanic company to be exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Speaking of goy or not goy, we'll be screening Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" at the next party.

NYC food quiz time. Answers are posted here.

  1. Match the food (noted by numbers 1-6) with the neighborhood where one would commonly find the food (noted by letters a-f):
    1. Samosa
    2. Sopressata
    3. Kielbasa
    4. Baklava
    5. Mofongo
    6. Schmaltz
    a. Greenpoint
    b. Astoria
    c. Washington Heights
    d. Borough Park
    e. Jackson Heights
    f. Arthur Avenue
  2. Serendipity is famous for what concoction:
    a) Beef Wellington b) Clams Casino c) Frozen Hot Chocolate d) Baked Alaska
  3. Fill in the blank for this slogan from Katz's Deli: “Send a ____________ to your boy in the army”
    a) Pastrami b) Salami c) Bologna d) Yarmulke
  4. Egg creams were often served with what side treat (though I sadly haven't gotten this with an egg cream in over 15 years):
    a) Taffy b) Pretzel rod c) Black licorice d) Peanuts
  5. Which of the following Chinese dishes, loosely translated from Cantonese as "odds and ends," was actually invented in NYC, and will not generally be found in an authentic Chinese restaurant:
    a) Chop Suey b) Lo Mein c) Spring Roll d) Fried Rice
  6. Which of the following candies was not invented in NYC?
    a) Tootsie Roll b) Chunky c) Mike and Ikes d) Charleston Chew
  7. What Spanish alcoholic punch was first tasted by the American public at the 1964 NYC World's Fair Spanish Pavillion?
  8. What was the original price of Nathan's Famous hot dog in 1916?
    a) 1 cent b) 5 cents c) 25 cents d) 35 cents
  9. Which of the following ice cream brands was formed in NYC?
    a) Steve's b) Frusen Gladje c) Ben and Jerry's d) Haagen Daaz
  10. Yonah Schimmel on East Houston is famous for what food?
    a) Knish b) Donut c) Bagel d) Zeppole
  11. In 1900 Heinz erected the first electric sign in NYC - a 40 foot what?
    a) Hot dog b) Pickle c) Penis d) Ketchup bottle