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Invite for February 2009 Party

I have some fabulously exciting news: this party marks the 8th anniversary of the MAGIC GARDEN. Eight friggin years! What started as a little party where many of you were personally invited by telephone (and pony express) has grown into a bash with an incredible cult following (over 2700 people have "joined" this fancy schmancy group), numerous write-ups in publications such as the NY Times, Time Out NY, NY Post, NY Observer, and, and one of my favorite quotes of all time: "One of the best things about the MAGIC GARDEN is that you never have to worry about your jacket getting stolen." RF, LaGuardia 1990. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this party and for remembering your roots. NYC sometimes seems to have morphed into a city that could be anywhere in the U.S., with dwindling local shops, the takeover of national chains, a loss of the nostalgic grit, and horrifyingly, the deterioration of the NY accent. Can you imagine the day when there is no more New York accent? I shudder to think! But we are the constant. We are the townies. And we continue to celebrate with our monthly party - cheap drinks, fascinating folks, and conversations you could never script.

So on that happy note, I wish youse a happy New Year and happy New President! And happy designer look! "Hug me Seruchi, love me Seruchi, you've got me Seruchi, Seruchi! Designer style that fits so good. Makes you look the way you should. Seruchi"
I gotta be honest - for the first time in MAGIC GARDEN's eight-year history I have no proof of the password's NYC-cred; I don't know that Seruchi was in fact a NYC-born company, but I know the commercials aired locally and they wreak of 1980s NY fashion.
To view a Seruchi commercial and hear the jingle that will hopefully make you feel 25 years younger, check it out here (starts at 1:03).

And now a little eight question speed quiz to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the MAGIC GARDEN. The answer to each question is a former password, so feel free to cheat by going to the Passwords page.

  1. Nudie Broadway show in the 70s and 80s that ran for 5959 performances at the Edison Theater.
  2. Youth gang formed in 1986 supposedly at Brooklyn Tech High School based on "Transformers" characters.
  3. Name of TV show hosted by Al Goldstein.
  4. "Have a summer of fun in the Poconos" was the opening line for the jingle advertising this resort spot.
  5. Mayor Koch's famous tag line/question.
  6. Chocolatey, peanuty, round candy "bar" in an orange wrapper, in existence from 1978-1980.
  7. Family friendly restaurant offering all the beer, wine or sangria you could drink. And the divine shrimp bar.
  8. This hotel was the "lullaby of Old Broadway."
  9. Extra Credit:
    Name the eight children on the TV show "Eight is Enough."

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