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Invite for February 2011 MAGIC Party

Happy 10th Birthday Magic Garden!

The first MAGIC GARDEN party was a little shindig on a wintry night at Recess on Spring Street, attended by about 40 natives. We thought it was a one time event, but the natives were restless and wanted more, so we kept doing it month after month, with fabulous DJ-ing (word to Justin Cheatham!), crazy NYC-themed drinks
, and the memorable NYC trivia contests. Over 3000 natives have "joined" in these 10 years and I have loved every minute of every party.

Here's a quote from the 8th anniversary and the sentiment remains exactly the same:
"Thank you to everyone who has been part of this party and for remembering your roots. NYC sometimes seems to have morphed into a city that could be anywhere in the U.S., with dwindling local shops, the takeover of national chains, a loss of the nostalgic grit, and horrifyingly the deterioration of the NY accent. Can you imagine the day when there is no more New York accent? I shudder to think! But we are the constant. We are the townies. And we continue to celebrate with our monthly party - cheap drinks, fascinating folks, and conversations you could never script."

PIX keeps getting requested as a password, so it makes sense that if we're going to reuse it (it was the first password ever), there's no better time than the 10th Anniversary! By the way, check out a little PIX-ness on Youtube.

Many of the old Magic passwords were from NYC ads, commercials, and jingles. I've gathered some videos referencing 10 of my favorite passwords (plus an extra two for good luck) and I hope you'll spend the day in a 70s and 80s trance while viewing these gems. Put on your capezios or lip gloss (or both) and get ready for your trip down memory lane. And put your volume on low since these videos are all at different sound levels.

1. June 2001 Password - Alexander's: watch video

2. August 2001 Password - Take the Train to the Plane: watch video

3. February 2002 Password - The Fun's on Channel 5: watch video (and a history of the Channel 5 logo through the ages)
August 2002 Password - At the Nevele: watch video

5. June 2003 Password - Phil Rizzuto for the Money Store: watch video
6. October 2003 Password - Beefsteak Charlie's: watch video
7. April 2004 Password - At the Westchester County Fair: watch video
8. May 2004 Password - Every Day is a Sale Day at Mays: watch video 
9. July 2004 Password - At the Milford Plaza: watch video
10. December 2004 Password - Crazy Eddie: watch video (and here's a whole series of Crazy Eddie commercials)
11. March 2005 Password - Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge: watch "summer of fun" commercial; watch "fine wintertime" commercial

12. April 2006 Password - 
If They're Good Anytime, Why Do They Call Them Breakfast Treats?: watch video

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