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Invite for Jovial June 2005 MAGIC Party

Hi Folks! A huge and hearty congratulations to those natives who participated in the Great Saunter - Kerry Cunniffe, Vicki Finkel, Roberto Ragone, and Laura Sutcliffe. It was an amazing day. For those of you who were afraid by my horror stories from last year, please be advised that this year I completed it at 7:45pm, in only 12 hours (with no pain) - roughly six hours less time than last year. Vicki, or "Speedy V" as she shall now be called, finished at 5:15pm. Wowza is right! So, 32 miles wasn't too hard and it was just as rewarding as last year. But I'll tell you what kicked my rump - Punk Rope - taught by MAGIC GARDENER Tim Haft (Birch Wathen). I hadn't jumped rope since the warm-and-gummy-black-rubbery-ground-covered recess days at PS 59, and I had never done it to the fast pace of the Ramones. Check it out: It rocks. And scope out the MAGIC GARDEN calendar for lots of cool stuff that other natives are doing, including an awesome monologue/storytelling/music show called "It Came From New York," featuring an all native NYC cast.

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