PASSWORD: "11 Alive"

Before the annoying WB frog, there were simply catchy ads for channel 11, home of our beloved PIX PIX PIX PIX PIX PIX PIX PIX PIX! If you want a refresher on the ad, take a look and listen here:

We're following on the hip hop trend this month and will be screening the 1985 flick "Krush Groove." This is the semi-autobiographical story of Def Jam records, and features Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Sheila E., among many others. The movie will be followed by old school rap and hip hop by resident DJ SLY.

And another potpourri (I've never used that term before; seems so "Jeopardy-esque") quiz. Answers are posted here.

  1. The Tudor City housing complex in midtown Manhattan faces the UN building, built in the 1920s with very few windows facing the site. What was in the site of the UN before the UN was built?
    a) Fish Markets b) Brothels c) Horse slaughterhouses d) Duane Reade corporate headquarters
  2. The first lights were used atop the Empire State Building in 1932– a searchlight reaching 50 miles – to celebrate the election of which president?
  3. What comedic actor/director was born Allan Stewart Konigsberg in 1935?
  4. On “The Odd Couple,” two actors played played Felix’s son Leonard. The first was “Eight is Enough” and “Charles in Charge” star Willie Aames, and the second became a 70s teen sensation, who was later featured in an unsettling VH1 “Behind the Music.” Who was he?
    a) Shaun Cassidy b) David Cassidy c) Leif Garrett d) Donny Osmond
  5. What is the only direct east/west transverse for cars that actually goes through Central Park, alongside park goers? (I officially remove this question and everyone gets it right because it was improperly worded - my apologies!)
    a) 59th Street b) 72nd Street c) 96th Street d) 110th Street
  6. What famous NYC bar banned women until 1970?
    a) McSorley’s Ale House b) Ear Inn c) Fraunces Tavern d) Hogs and Heffers
  7. In what Greenwich Village bar did poet Dylan Thomas down his last shot of alcohol before staggering outside, falling into a coma at the Chelsea Hotel and dying at St. Vincent’s Hospital?
    a) Dorian’s b) Cedar Tavern d) The Old Town d) Whitehorse Tavern
  8. Fill in the blanks for Emma Lazarus’ famous poem “The New Colossus” - “Give me your _______, your _______, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”
    a) Heart … Soul b) Lost … Weary c) Tired … Poor d) Hairy … Smelly
  9. What is not one of the former names of the Brooklyn Dodgers?
    a) Brooklyn Draft Dodgers b) Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers c) Brooklyn Bridegrooms d) Brooklyn Superbas
  10. In what year were the five boroughs annexed to form New York City?
    a) 1825 b) 1860 c) 1898 d) 1912
  11. Extra Credit for those who went to PS 59 in the 70s and 80s ...
    Who was the ancient head of the cafeteria, with granny glasses on a chain and polyester pant suits?