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Invite for March 2009 MAGIC Party

It was one year ago that NYC icon Baird Jones passed away of a heart attack at age 53. It was eight years ago that we used "Baird Jones" as the second ever MAGIC GARDEN password. The actual Baird Jones graced us with his presence at that party. This is the first time I've recycled a password, but I just had to, out of respect for our dearly departed. Baird Jones was club promoter extraordinaire of the 80s and 90s, writer, art collector, gossip columnist, baseball hat wearer, among many other things. You can read various articles about Baird Jones, this one by MAGIC GARDENER Lincoln Anderson, Associate Editor of The Villager: and a few more: NY Times, Daily News, NY Post. If you still have one of his VIP club passes, bring it to the next party and I'll give you a swell prize!

And now a little Former Clubs of NYC Quiz to celebrate Baird Jones. Answers are on the Passwords page.
Match the former NYC club (noted by numbers 1-13) with its location (noted by letters a-m).
Disclaimer: Some clubs had more than one location, but the one in the quiz is generally the most recognized address.

  1. The Ritz
  2. The Tunnel
  3. The Roxy
  4. The Cat Club
  5. Happy Land Social Club
  6. Limelight
  7. Nells
  8. Max's Kansas City
  9. Wetlands
  10. Danceteria
  11. Studio 54
  12. CBGB
  13. Palladium
  1. 47 West 20th Street
  2. 213 Park Avenue South (between 17th & 18th Streets)
  3. 254 West 54th Street
  4. 126 East 14th Street
  5. 76 East 13th Street
  6. 246 West 14th Street
  7. 1959 Southern Boulevard
  8. 315 Bowery
  9. 515 West 18th Street
  10. 269 11th Avenue (between 27th & 28th Streets)
  11. 161 Hudson
  12. 30 West 21st Street
  13. 125 East 11th Street

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