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Ugly George - NYC Magic Garden party for native New Yorkers

Bea Arthur as Maude - NYC Magic Garden party for native New YorkersThis week we mourn the passing of Bea Arthur, born Beatrice Frankel in NYC. She died April 25, 2009 at age 86. Bea and her pantsuits will be remembered and missed by all.
Speaking of pantsuits, Manhattan Cable's "Ugly George" (real name - George Urban) loved a silver jumpsuit, as well as his video camera, and topless ladies. Read about Ugly George here and here. Enough about him! Let's check out the theme song from "Maude." Here are the lyrics do you can sing along:

Lady Godiva was a freedom rider
She didnt' care if the whole world looked.
Joan of Arc with the Lord to guide her
She was a sister who really cooked.

Maude Theme Song- NYC Magic Garden party for native New YorkersIsadora was the first bra burner
And you're glad she showed up. (Oh yeah)
And when the country was falling apart
Betsy Ross got it all sewed up.

And then there's Maude.
And then there's Maude.
And then there's Maude.
And then there's Maude.
And then there's Maude.
And then there's Maude.
And then there's
That uncompromisin', enterprisin', anything but tranquilizing, Right on Maude.

The Hallmark Channel is currently running a "Golden Girls" marathon as a tribute to Bea Arthur; check their schedule.

I like quizzes - do you? Very well then, it's time for the "ABC Bea Arthur Quiz":
  1. Bea Arthur's character Maude first appeared on what tv sitcom?
  2. What was Maude's last name?
    a) Schweizer b) O'Connor c) Findlay d) Krakowski
  3. Bea Arthur performed as Yente in the 1964 Broadway debut of what musical?
  4. Bea Arthur won a Tony in 1966 for her role as Vera Charles, opposite Angela Lansbury, in what musical set in NYC (she later starred oppositet Lucille Ball in the film version)?
  5. For Extra Credit - Match the "Golden Girls" character with the "Sex and the City" character she most closely resembles:
    1 - Dorothy (Bea Arthur)
    2 - Rose (Betty White)
    3 - Blanche (Rue McClanahan)
    4 - Sophia (Estelle Getty)
    a. Carrie
    b. Samantha
    c. Miranda
    d. Charlotte

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