Password is: QB TO THE RR

Remember when the subway lines had two letters? In 1986, the QB became the Q and the RR became the R. Single letter trains designated express and repeated letters designated local lines. If you have a tatoo of the old RR sign (sort of like a railroad crossing in a circle, with an R on either side), I will buy you 3 shots. The city is trying to increase the Subway fare to $2.00. Here's a petition that you can sign to protest: http://www.savethefare.org/actnow/petition.php

So kids, we're really shaking things up here at the MAGIC GARDEN. The next party will be on a Tuesday, and on Election Day to boot. I know many of you will be missing "Smallville" to come to the party, but it will be well worth it. Sangria specials all night long (just like Lionel Richie). We've made the party a little bit later - 7:43pm- so that you have ample time to vote. Here are some stats on the gubernatorial candidates (you can go to their web sites to learn more about what they want you to believe is true about them):

Tom Golisano (Democrat): supports medical use of marijuana. I don't know how he feels about cooking with marijuana, but here's a tip: it's best to saute in butter. http://www.golisano.com

George Pataki (Republican): his name sorta rhymes with souvlaki, which tastes great after using medical marijuana. http://www.georgepataki.com

Scott Jeffrey (Libertarian): he got someone stoned on a boat to relieve seasickness (I'm not saying who) and he dated a friend of mine. He grew up in Park Slope and went to Midwood High School. http://www.votejeffrey.com

H. Carl McCall (Democrat): he is married to Dr. Joyce Brown, president of F.I.T., so he'll be the most fashionable governor. Who knows what the H. stands for? http://www.mccall02.org

Stanley Aronowitz (Green): he founded Park East High School in East Harlem in the 1970s http://www.stanleyaronowitz.org

Gerard Cronin (RTL): RTL stands for Right to Life.

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