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Good ole Postermat on 8th Street, purveyor of movie, theater, rock and roll and famous people posters, stickers, t-shirts, trinkets, and all things teens and nerds would want. We’re long overdue for viewing one of the finest pieces of cinematic and musical history – “West Side Story.” If you’re not familiar with the opening montage with the most phenomenal aerial shots of NYC, then your time has come.

This month's "Be Nice Campaign," brought to you by Roberto Gonzalez (Stuyvesant), is Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP). YSOP is an amazing organization dedicated to helping young people discover the rewards of performing service for service's sake. They break down stereotypes about homeless and hungry people while reminding the rest of us what a powerful positive force our young people can be. As usual, there will be a raffle, and all proceeds go to this worthy organization. More info at:

Postermat quiz time. Answers are posted here. Ready, set, go!


  1. Match the song (noted by numbers 1-6) with the musical (noted by letters a-f):
    1. Aquarius
    2. Day by Day
    3. Old Devil Moon
    4. Getting a New Deal for Christmas
    5. There’s No Business Like Show Business
    6. Luck Be a Lady
    a. “Annie”
    b. “Guys and Dolls”
    c. “Annie Get Your Gun”
    d. “Finian’s Rainbow”
    e. “Godspell”
    f. “Hair”
  2. Match the character (noted by numbers 1-6) with the NYC based movie (noted by letters a-f):
    1. Travis Bickle
    2. Ratso Rizzo
    3. Dorothy Michaels
    4. Roberta Glass
    5. Rooster Hannigan
    6. Fielding Mellish
    a. “Annie”
    b. “Tootsie”
    c. “Taxi Driver”
    d. “Bananas”
    e. "Midnight Cowboy”
    f. “Desperately Seeking Susan”
  3. Fill in the blank for this lyric from the song “Forty Second Street” (y’know, “Come and meet those dancing feet …”):
    “Naughty, bawdy, gawdy, ____________, Forty Second Street.”
    a) haughty b) howdy c) rowdy d) sport
  4. In the opening scene of “Saturday Night Fever,” John Travolta’s character, Tony Manero, struts down the street holding what?
    a) paint cans b) proscuitto c) a blow dryer d) a disco jumpsui
  5. Which of the following mafia movie was set in NYC?
    a) "The Untouchables" b) "Casino" c) "Goodfellas" d) "Scarface"
  6. The construction of what major complex in Manhattan was delayed for the filming of “West Side Story”?
  7. An original title for the play “West Side Story” was “East Side Story” about racial tension on the Lower East Side. It was changed with the influx of Puerto Rican immigrants in the 1950s. In the original version, the love story/racial tension was between a Jewish boy and a girl of what ethnicity?
    a German b) Irish c) African American d) Chinese
  8. In the 1968 film “Rosemary’s Baby,” their apartment building - “The Bramford” - is actually what famous building on the Upper West Side?
  9. How many Broadway theaters are physically situated on Broadway?
    a) 2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 8
  10. Times Square was named when the NY Times Building was erected in 1904. Before that, the area was known as?
    a) Theatre Square b) Longacre Square c) Wino Square d) Hiptobe Squar
  11. Extra Credit: What Pulitzer winning playwright penned the Broadway play turned 1992 movie, Glengarry Glen Ross?
  12. Extra Credit: What Broadway show was known as” the world's longest running erotic stage musical,” playing 5959 shows from 1976-1989?
  13. Extra Credit: True or Not False?
    At JHS 104 in the early 80s, Lori Berenson, a political prisoner in Peru since 1995, played Jesus in “Jesus Christ Superstar” and Mame in “Auntie Mame.” More information about Lori at:
  14. Extra Credit: True or Sad but True?
    Due to false rumors of a gas leak at my junior high school, JHS 104, the auditorium closed, causing the loss of precious rehearsal time, and our production of “West Side Story” was cancelled and replaced with highlight song and dance numbers. I danced wearing borrowed heels that were 2 sizes too big.

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