Housed above the Palladium on East 14th Street, Julian's Pool Hall opened in 1929 and was NYC's oldest pool hall until the building's demolition in the late 90s to make way for an NYU dorm - Palladium Residence Hall. Grody to the max!

Speaking of baseball, we had quite a season, and witnessed the end of an era with the "ousting" of Joe Torre. So we will celebrate the sport in this month's old timey NYC baseball quiz. Hip hip hooray! It's a toughie for anyone who doesn't know sports. Answers are posted here.

  1. Match the baseball player (noted by numbers 1-4) to his NYC team (noted by letters a-d):
    1. Jackie Robinson
    2. Lou Gehrig
    3. Keith Hernandez
    4. Willie Mays
    a. Mets
    b. Yankees
    c. Giants
    d. Dodgers
  2. The Baby Ruth candy bar was not actually named after baseball player Babe Ruth; it was named after Ruth, the daughter of what president?
    a) Herbert Hoover b) FDR c) Grover Cleveland d) Walter Mondale
  3. The song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," by New Yorkers Al Von Tilzer and Jack Norworth, was written in what year?
    a) 1888 b) 1908 c) 1938 d) 1958
  4. The vicinity of what park is widely accepted (but not definitively recognized to be the birthplace of baseball (Alexander Cartwright formed the first baseball club, the New York Knickerbockers, there in the 1840s)?
    a) Madison Square Park b) Pelham Park c) Bryant Park d) Needle Park
  5. In what fateful year did both the Giants and the Dodgers move to California?
    a) 1922 b) 1940 c) 1957 d) 1962
  6. Shea Stadium has temporarily been home to all of the following teams except ...? a) Jets b) Yankees c) Giants d) Knicks
  7. Which of the following was not a New York City baseball team?
    a) Highlanders b) Cubans c) Metropolitans d) Red Stockings
  8. Born George Herman Ruth in Maryland, Babe Ruth was known by which TWO of the following nicknames?
    a) Bambino b) Candy Man c) The Bat Man d) Sultan of Swat
  9. Ebbets Field (home of the Brooklyn Dodgers), torn down in 1957, is now home towhat?
    a) PC Richards and Son b) Housing Projects c) Museum of Stickball (MoS) d) Western Beef
  10. Yogi Berra was a...?
    a) Catcher for the Yankees b) Manager of the Yankees c) Catcher for the Mets d) Manager of the Mets e) All of the above
  11. Extra Credit:
    What is the name of the disease commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease?
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