PASSWORD: LASER ZEPPELIN (any Hayden Planetarium laser show will do)

Hope everyone has been enjoying the back to school season. At October MAGIC we're showing the classic Ramones flick, "Rock n' Roll High School" to carry on with the rock theme of laser shows at the Hayden Planetarium. Hopefully you got to experience these trippy light shows, which ran through the 80s. There was Laser Floyd, Laser Beatles, Laser New Wave and more. We'll continue with massages from our resident native massage therapists, Paige Mullins and Alex Fisher, to heal those weary aches. And of course, the fantabulous musical stylings of DJ SLY - aka Justin Cheatham (the party happens to fall between his and my birthday, so we're going to celebrate living to the extreme at the October fete).

This month's "Be Nice Campaign," brought to you by Amber Sexton (Music & Art/City As), is Friends of Island Academy (FOIA), which helps youth who will be released from Rikers Island with job training, counseling, education and leadership development. There will be a raffle (with super duper prizes), and all proceeds go to this worthy organization. And a hearty congratulations to MAGIC GARDEN's own Democrat Brian Kavanagh (Regis HS), who won last week's primary for NY State Assembly: www.kavanaghforassembly.com.

And now, a little quiz on the Ramones' homeland, Queens! Answers are posted at the bottom of: http://www.nycmagicgarden.com/Passwords.html:


  1. Approximately what percentage of the population of Queens is foreign born?
    a) 33 b) 44 c) 55 d) 66
  2. When the Museum of Modern Art temporarily moved to Queens, it was housed in the former factory of what business?
    a) Stella D'Oro b) Buster Brown Shoes c) Swingline Staple d) GAP
  3. Joey Ramone was born with what name?
    a) Joey Ramonestavelli b) Joey Hanover c) Jeffrey O'Ramonberg d) Jeffrey Hyman
  4. Name one of the bridges that connects Queens to Manhattan.
  5. Which of the following debuted at the 1939 World's Fair?
    a) Tampons b) Hot dogs c) Ferrets d) Nylon stockings
  6. Which of the following is not a neighborhood in Queens?
    a) Fresh Meadows b) Tremont c) Elmhurst d) Bayside
  7. What comic book superhero's alter ego grew up with her/his aunt at 20 Ingram Street in Forest Hills?
    a) Batman b) Spiderman c) Wonderwoman d) Bionic Woman
  8. From 1948-1963 today's JFK Airport was known as what?
  9. Name a TV show that was a spin off of "All in the Family"?
  10. In the 1960s, Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker) lost out to Alan Hale, Jr. for the role of what jolly fellow from a popular sitcom?
  11. Extra Credit: True or True Dat?
    Mickey Rooney was Norman Lear's first choice to play Archie Bunker.
  12. Extra Credit: Truth or Truthier?
    Goldie Hawn got her start as a can-can dancer in the chorus at the Texas pavillion in the 1964 NY World's Fair.
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