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September 2008 MAGIC
PASSWORD: Lone Star Cafe

Happy almost end of summer, lovely natives. For those of you who missed the all day and night Coney Island MAGIC extravaganza, I urge you to go visit that balmy island before it's too late. We've decided to extend Labor Day weekend by adding a Magical party to the tail end, and getting down on Tuesday, September 2.

Oh - check out this pretty annoying article in this week's NY Times that exemplifies why NY is rapidly going downhill with all the transients (and why all the rents keep rising at such an alarming rate - the U.S. Census Bureau reported that more than 77,000 people in their 20s had been in the city less than a year - landlords love these transients more than anything!):

It's back to school time and some of you may be enrolling at the Barbizon School of Modeling. Great luck being a model or just looking like one! To get prepared for the Fall season, take this quiz on NYC schools  (the results will go on your permanent record). Answers are posted here.

New York City Schools Quiz

  1. What actor played teacher Charlie Moore on ABC's "Head of the Class"?
    a) Les Nessman b) Howard Hesseman c) Gabe Kaplan d) Ryan Gosling
  2. What museum facing Central Park is used as the backdrop for the high school on "Gossip Girl"?
    a) New-York Historical Society b) Museum of Modern Art c) Museum of the City of New York d) Whitney Museum of American Art
  3. Stuyvesant High School, named after Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch governor of New York (then known as New Netherland), was known for all the following except what:
    a) a wooden leg b) his anti-Semitic and anti-Quaker views c) being a direct ancestor to singer Rufus Wainwright d) being born with three nipples
  4. What was the fictional NYC high school on "Welcome Back Kotter"?
    a) James Buchanan b) James Madison c) John Jay d) John F. Kennedy
  5. What 2005 documentary follows NYC public school kids on their journey to the citywide ballroom dancing competition?
  6. What Brooklyn High School on Flatbush Avenue, built in 1787, and the first public school building in the United States to be designated a Federal Landmark, includes the following groovy people on its list of alumni: Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Don Most (Ralph Mouth on "Happy Days"), Bernie Koppel (Doc Bricker on "Love Boat"), Clive Davis, Bobbie Fisher, Mae West, Beverly Sills, Joseph Barbera (of cartoon Hanna-Barbera fame)?
    a) Midwood b) Erasmus b) Forest Hills d) Samuel J. Tilden
  7. What all boys' school is the oldest independent school in United States, founded in 1628 by the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church?
    a) Dalton b) Collegiate c) Hewitt d) McBurney
  8. What is the oldest continuously operating educational institution in NYC?
    a) Trinity b) St. Bernard's c) Humanities d) Dwight
  9. Which of the following schools in not located in the Fieldston section of the Bronx?
    a) Fieldston b) Horace Mann c) Riverdale d) Friends Seminary
  10. Which two schools began as female only schools and are now coeducational?
    a) Chapin b) Hunter c) Packer Collegiate d) Saint Ann's
  11. Extra Credit:
    What Manhattan high school was known as the "Castle on the Hill"?
  12. Carole and Paula from the original Magic Garden tv show went to what highly ranked public Brooklyn high school?
  13. Place the following schools in chronological order of when they admitted girls:
    Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, Bronx Science, De Witt Clinton

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