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The first day of school is creeping upon us, which can mean only one thing: we are free from the Decepticons for only a few more days. Take advantage of this time by practicing how not to step on a pair of crispy clean white sneakers on a crowded subway, and by making the decision as to whether or not you want your leather jacket stolen.

For those a few years older or younger than this era, or those who went to fancy schmancy schools that were not terrorized by gangs, let me take this time to tell you a little bit about the Decepticons.

The Decepticons, officially recognized as a youth gang in 1986, is believed to have formed at Brooklyn Tech High School. Predominantly a Manhattan and Brooklyn gang (there were some members from other boroughs), they got their name from the cartoon characters in "The Transformers," which aired on Sunday mornings on WPIX. The Decepticons had the ability to transform themselves from trucks and cars into missile-spewing robots. Lucky. Decepticons were characterized as militaristic, brutal, and lacking in regard for personal freedom. Sounds like a modern day hooligan to me. Remember the catchy jingle for the Transformers? "Transformers, more than meets the eye/Transformers, robots in disguise."

According to Sergeant John Galea, the commander of the New York City Police Department's youth gang intelligence unit in the 80s, old-style youth gangs based on turf or ethnicity were in rapid decline. In the early 1970's the city had about 400 gangs with close to 20,000 members. In 1989, there were only 37 known gangs with about a thousand members. Of course, this could have been a citywide ploy to make the city look safer - remember, you can';t believe anything you read. I am making everything up, all the time. The female Decepticons were known as "Deceptinets." The Decepticons generally terrorized kids outside of a school, which meant that at my school, LaGuardia, we were not allowed to hang out on school property. Instead, gaggles of artsy kids loitered around Julliard and the Lincoln Center complex. That';s seriously nerdy. According to police reports, Decepticon violence occurred almost exclusively during the school week; on weekends, there were rarely any reports.

So it's true, Brooklyn Tech wasn't just a breeding ground for techies and trekkies. Brooklyn Technical High School opened in 1922 in a converted warehouse at 49 Flatbush Avenue Extension with 2,400 students. The current school opened in 1933, at a cost of six million dollars. The first two female students were admitted in 1972 (McSorley's Ale House admitted the first woman in 1970). Following September 11th, Stuyvesant students, who could not attend classes because the streets were still closed off, attended classes at Tech until Stuyvesant reopened.

Brooklyn Tech is the Alma Mater of Harvey Lichtenstein, President of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), class of 1946, and Leonard Riggio, Founder & CEO of Barnes & Noble, Inc., class of 1958. Lou Ferrigno is also rumored to have been a student there. Good ole Hulky Lou. Let's learn about him, shall we?

-Brooklyn born Lou Ferrigno is the youngest body builder ever to hold the "Mr. Universe" title (age 20) and the only one to win it two consecutive times
-Lou played professional football in Canada
-Weight: 275 pounds
-Chest: 59"
-Waist: 34"
-Bicep: 22-1/2"
-Thighs: 29"
-Neck: 19"
-As an infant, Lou developed an ear infection that caused him to lose some of his hearing
-He was a personal trainer to Mickey Rourke, Michael Jackson, and Chuck Norris
-He toured throughout the U.S. and Canada with a starring role in "Of Mice and Men"
-He has a recurring role in "The King of Queens"
-He played a Security Guard in Ang Lee's "Hulk." Also, LaGuardia's own Cara Buono played the Hulk's birth mother in the movie

Hey, Central Park is having a film festival this week - a bunch of flicks that took place in Central Park will be airing at Rumsey Playfield - midpark at 72nd (where Summerstage is).
Wednesday, September 3 - ANNIE HALL
Thursday, September 4 - THE PRODUCERS
Friday, September 5 - THE FISHER KING
Saturday, September 6 - GHOSTBUSTERS
Sunday, September 7 - HAIR

You also have a couple of days left to see The Taking Of Pelham 123 at the Film Forum. Hurry, it's so damn good.

If you were beaten up or robbed by a Decepticon, you will get a free drink at this party. If you still play with Transformers, you will get a free alcoholic beverage, though you would probably prefer a YooHoo. If you were a Decepticon, I'd like to hear your side of the story.

Come on by, don't be shy.

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