Hola Peeps - we're talking about the original Sky Rink ice skating rink that was all the way west on 33rd Street, not the new poser one that's part of Chelsea Piers. Why is this MAGIC GARDEN different from all other MAGIC GARDENS? Well, we're going to have massage therapists giving massages. AND we're now serving delicious food - things like Crispy Crawfish with wasabi orange marmalade, Seared Tuna Sashimi Salad over baby arugula, Grilled Balinese Beef Skewers with coconut chili dipping sauce - so come hungry. AND we're screening "On the Waterfront" starring Marlon Brando. WOW is right!

So neurotic natives, it's your lucky week. Two licensed massage therapists, Paige Mullins (LaGuardia HS - 415-407-9672; and Alex Fisher (New Lincoln/Source Academy - 917-374-6984;, with amazingly magical fingers (both have gotten big kinks out of my back), are going to be giving massages at Monday's party - $1 a minute, 5 minute minimum. After a hard day's work, or a long day panhandling, sit on a special massage chair and kick those stresses to the curb. Then get all boozy.

A reminder for the Great Saunter on Saturday, May 6. For those who've been on this list for a while, you know all about the very awesome annual 32 mile walk around Manhattan's shoreline, run by Shorewalkers - they help to promote the beautification of NYC’s waterways. It’s a $10 donation to join the walk ($15 on the day of). You can register on the website. The gang will be meeting at 7:15am at the sign-up table on the corner of Fulton & South Streets near the South Street Seaport. Try not to come hungover. To those who are new, check out some writings about it at: and also at:

Important interjections: We have a slot open for this month's "Be Nice Campaign" so hurry up and email me if you want free money for a charitable organization you are personally involved with. Slots for some future months available as well. It seems that no one wants free money. Weirdos. And, shameless self-promotion - I have a design show/sale for my new line of kiddie clothes, along with 22 other designers at F.I.T. this Friday (6-9pm) and Saturday (12-6pm). It's at the Great Hall on 28th Street and 7th Avenue, free, and open to the public. Fashion show on Saturday at 3pm. All MAGIC GARDENERS get 10% off. More info at:

OKAY, lots of talk of water, huh? That leads us to this month's quiz about Manhattan's waterfront. Yippee! I had to make it a bit harder than last month because some people did a little too well and threw off the curve (answers are posted at the bottom of:


  1. The Titanic was scheduled to arrive at Chelsea Piers on April 16, 1912, but struck an iceberg on April 14. What ship rescued the 675 surviving passengers (there were 2200 passengers in total) and brought them safely to Chelsea Piers on April 20? a) Luisitania b) Carpathia c) Leonardia d) S.S. Minnow
  2. How long is the Statue of Liberty's index finger? a) 2 feet b) 8 feet c) 20 feet d) 40 feet
  3. From 1876 to 1884 the hand and torch of the Statue of Liberty were on display in what park to help raise funds to build a suitable base for the statue? a) Bryant Park b) Central Park c) Madison Square Park d) Fort Tryon Park
  4. The Simon and Garfunkel song “Feeling Groovy” is also named after what East River bridge?
  5. What sexy Brooklyn-born actress was imprisoned on Welfare Island for "obscenity and corrupting the morals of youth"? a) Mae West b) Marilyn Monroe c) Dame Edna d) Jayne Mansfield
  6. Roosevelt Island has been named all of the following except: a) Welfare Island b) Blackwell’s Island c) Manning's Island d) Ward’s Island
  7. What is the only bridge across the Hudson in Manhattan?
  8. Battery Park’s Castle Clinton has been utilized as all of the following except: a) an aquarium b) an immigration center c) a Con Edison plant d) an entertainment hall
  9. Landfill has extended the shoreline of lower Manhattan many times. Which of the following streets was never along the shoreline? a) John b) Pearl b) Front d) South
  10. What is the name of the neighborhood on the East side of Manhattan, lying along York Avenue between 53rd and 59th Streets?
  11. Fill in the blank: Riverside Park, which stretches along the coastline of Manhattan for four miles, is also the ___________ regional park in New York City: a) hottest b) greenest c) narrowest d) ugliest
  12. Which waterfront park in upper Manhattan was built above a sewage treatment facility? a) Carl Schurz Park b) Riverbank State Park c) City Hall Park d) Central Park
  13. Extra Credit: Simon and Garfunkel, from Forest Hills, started singing together in high school under what name?
  14. Extra Extra Credit: On which “private” island in NYC did I go to a dance in 8th grade, and slow dance to “Careless Whisper”?

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